Tfue Contract LEAKED & FaZe LIED.. They Are Taking MILLIONS!

  • Published: 23 May 2019
  • Tfue Contract LEAKED & FaZe LIED.. They Are Taking MILLIONS!
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  • The Fortnite Guy
    The Fortnite Guy   1 months back

    I absolutely am disgusted that FaZe would even sign players under contracts like this in the first place! I hope this changes the course of esports forever and players will be treated better.

    • Bwomp
      Bwomp  4 weeks back

      Ur taking advantage as well u said comment I’d love to discuss this with you yet u havent replied to almost anyone.

    • sick one
      sick one  4 weeks back

      The contract is a starter contract, pretty standard practise for a beginner pro, to make sure what they invest in the player will come back around to them. The reason Turner is still in the contract is because he refuses to negotiate, since he wants to start his own brand. I've backed Tfue all the way up to this point, but he has lied to his fans, and he has successfully tarnished FaZe's image.

    • Presition-potato
      Presition-potato  4 weeks back

      Like comment if you are on tfue side dislike if your on faze side

    • Austin Mullins
      Austin Mullins  4 weeks back

      You said it yourself I'm disgusted they've gotten away with this for so long

    • TheMafio88
      TheMafio88  4 weeks back

      Your video is so rubish, not true a you should be ashamed. Its Tfue who fuck it all up and if he wasnt a dick that would be all done.

      Tell me smart guy, why would Faze let him go? One reason pls. Thanks

    HOW NOT TO GAME HNTG  1 days back

    I mean was he famous before faze? And if so then he should of known better, lets just say if youre an owner and your ass in on the line for this new player you are signing and you are risking some investment would it make sense to truly not go 50/50?

    • Horses 🐎 in the back

      my man said their girls

      • Andrei
        Andrei  1 weeks back

        whoever gave him the contract should be burned. Tfue signing this contract was fucked up and provides tendencies of brain damage.

        • LJ Secret
          LJ Secret  1 weeks back

          Tfu should make his own clan it will be called the T gamer

          • TapOrSnap 2407
            TapOrSnap 2407  1 weeks back

            Is everyone a little cry baby. HE SIGNED IT. No one to blame but the person that signed it and said yes. If I give you a contract that says you have to give me a million dollars every hour, and you sign it then it’s not the contractors fault it’s the signer every time.

            • jack theripper
              jack theripper  1 weeks back

              lol he signed that contract before he was famous. The contract was standard for anyone joining faze. People whine about it but it is one of the reasons he got famous. Do you think shroud would have gone anywhere if he never got into cloud 9?

              • Septition
                Septition  2 weeks back

                #old news

                • TeeGal
                  TeeGal  2 weeks back


                  • Draxzy
                    Draxzy  2 weeks back

                    I mean they tried to help him and change it up so it’s tfue’s fault!

                    • Google Name Policy
                      Google Name Policy  2 weeks back

                      Assuming you watched FaZe’s response video, that shit was nothing but honeyed words, they didnt show/prove shit, take a look at the actual screenshots they showed in the video 😂

                  • allan kay
                    allan kay  2 weeks back

                    Clickbait. Show me actual facts that Faze took their 80%, 50%, and 20% what the contract Tfue signed. SHOW US THE MONEY FAZE TOOK! The title says Faze took millions... prove it!

                    • HexicSnake
                      HexicSnake  2 weeks back

                      allan kay The link is the pinned comment. Click on it and it’ll take you to twitter

                    • allan kay
                      allan kay  2 weeks back

                      @HexicSnake And showing the contract does not mean they took the money. All I'm saying is Tfue's camp should come out and show us how much Faze took. Banks has said they took 60k only. let's see if he is lying

                    • allan kay
                      allan kay  2 weeks back

                      @HexicSnake Please put up link

                    • Google Name Policy
                      Google Name Policy  2 weeks back

                      allan kay take faze dick out your mouth before speaking again, ion understand mumbling

                    • HexicSnake
                      HexicSnake  2 weeks back

                      allan kay faze confirmed it was the contract

                  • Hoodgail Benjamin
                    Hoodgail Benjamin  3 weeks back

                    9:21 - 9:27 he said tfue can have the girls

                    • mario guerrero
                      mario guerrero  3 weeks back


                      • mario guerrero
                        mario guerrero  3 weeks back


                        • Noscopemaster
                          Noscopemaster  3 weeks back

                          Everybody:Happy birthday is your birthday money. *gives tfue 100$
                          Tfue:thanks for the 20
                          Everbody:but I...
                          Faze:seems you havent met me yet

                          • ReFresh
                            ReFresh  3 weeks back

                            It takes you 11 minutes to talk about a piece of paper?

                            • ReFresh
                              ReFresh  2 weeks back

                              @RK. Redz and a correct reply would atleast be spelled correctly, "thays"

                            • RK. Redz
                              RK. Redz  3 weeks back

                              Thays not how videos work buddy

                          • дlissaツ
                            дlissaツ  3 weeks back


                            • Dr gum tea
                              Dr gum tea  3 weeks back

                              Banks only taken $60,000 so far why don't he take he 80% oh he your friend that was helping you to get where you are now .fuck you tfue

                              • Sudz YT
                                Sudz YT  3 weeks back

                                Makes me wonder what Cloak’s contract looks like...yikes

                                • TwoLive91
                                  TwoLive91  3 weeks back

                                  a contract is a contract though. you sign, you agree! id just serve the 3 years but thats only because being a part of a team is a dream

                                  • SAS _Kawazaki
                                    SAS _Kawazaki  3 weeks back

                                    He signed it
                                    Its his fault!

                                    • FBI
                                      FBI  3 weeks back

                                      SAS _Kawazaki very true.

                                  • yungOof
                                    yungOof  3 weeks back

                                    Faze: exposed for taking 80% of profits

                                    Nickmercs: oh fuck

                                    • Flicks
                                      Flicks  3 weeks back

                                      Nickmercs was shook after watching this vid

                                      • K0RuPTeD _
                                        K0RuPTeD _  3 weeks back

                                        Now I know why banks made clout gang

                                        • K0RuPTeD _
                                          K0RuPTeD _  3 weeks back

                                          Honestly tfue probably didn’t think he would blow up so much but still is the most unfair thing I’ve ever seen

                                          • sam malson
                                            sam malson  3 weeks back

                                            Tfue: oh yeah i won a million!
                                            Faze: *cough* *cough* you won 800 grand

                                          • Michael Debuts
                                            Michael Debuts  3 weeks back

                                            This video is so biased.

                                            • Michael Debuts
                                              Michael Debuts  3 weeks back

                                              Let's wait for Pew to comment on this one lol

                                              • Oracle Beats
                                                Oracle Beats  4 weeks back

                                                But tfue signed it so he did legally agree to it..

                                                • Liberty_Hoonigan
                                                  Liberty_Hoonigan  4 weeks back

                                                  Sucks he signed such a shit deal, however I don't give af how awful it is, he still signed it, hes 21 not a teenager, get over it.

                                                  • RapidRider
                                                    RapidRider  4 weeks back

                                                    Who else got this recommendation a week after it was uploaded

                                                    • Max Lowe Music
                                                      Max Lowe Music  4 weeks back

                                                      Yo I'm in music as you could tell by my page. I recently started streaming and felt I needed to develop more knowledge about the community and this case is super important for the precedent it will set so I wanted to learn all about it. You've done a great Job covering it but this video in particular I wanted to comment on. With my background in music this area right here with the contract is my bread and butter. I'm not a lawyer but I know my stuff. The new way of consuming content whether it be music, podcasts, gaming, etc... it's all streaming original content for entertainment. With that being said this contract isnt bad at all (in comparison to other contracts, yes it's still a terrible contract) in terms of talent to company ratios, in music theres a special type of deal called a 360. It was created by a dude named Lyor Cohen. In simplest form, regardless of the creators talent, the label generated you the star power to be able to influence the way you do because the resources the label or org has they can relatively do it to anyone that has that skill. So now that you've agreed there in the contract, the label is owed 100% (yes 100%, oh and plus interest, I know cuz I was offered one) of all revenue generated by you under the brand that they have generated the star power for (i.e. Turner is the person, TFue is the brand). To say that faze was helped by tfue is true but that aligns with good business and the business model of a 360, its vertical integration. Let's make you hot, you make us hotter, we can make you hotter and it continues. And 10% of 50mil over time is more than you had before (is the labels perspective)Now where it differs slightly is most musicians are able to do apparel and lifestyle brand deals regardless of the labels affiliations. But right now because streaming is so new and it's not valuable for the content but for the data that content brings the company (cuz twitch sells the data they get, every company does) so for better or worse it's the wild wild west. That contract presenter to tfue was garbage, but if I compare to the 360 deal in music, it's not that bad. Faze tried to be outlaws and tfue is smart. You cannot be mad at faze for trying to accomplish what lyor accomplished in music. In reality it's good business. Bad ethics but good business. I do think the lawyer is using tfues case as a slight distraction from his real motion to essentially get rid of gaming houses with the motions to the labor commission. Idk man just my thoughts, I just know that if tfue were a rapper and faze a record label, they would laugh at you and say welcome to Hollywood.

                                                      • Max Lowe Music
                                                        Max Lowe Music  4 weeks back

                                                        I would really love to talk to you about this because this fight needs to happen in music too and it would be a pleasure to explain the similarities in depth

                                                    • Sraiii
                                                      Sraiii  4 weeks back

                                                      Nothing was lied about. They said that's what the contract said. Both banks and tfue said tfue was still getting 80 percent. And the leak of a confidential contract is illegal in there way. And blast news posting it is also illegal

                                                      • What?
                                                        What?  3 weeks back

                                                        Nope, not illegal.

                                                    • Double0hTater
                                                      Double0hTater  4 weeks back

                                                      while everyone is witch hunting Faze, just think about the issues here. 1. tfue is a dumbass for not seeking legal council prior to signing the contract. 2. a lot of his fame/deals/income, CAME FROM EXPOSURE on account of being a Faze clan member. 3. the contract seems very oppressive and one sided on side of the company, however, though it says Faze (the company) is entitled to x amount of earnings, it does not mean they are taking it. 4. if a brand deal comes to tfue, do you feel it would come to him prior to being a member of a large e-sports organization. Therefor they are entitled to a percentage be it 50% or no. and 5. contracts are meant to be spooky, and a lot of people cant grasp entirely what they mean with all the legal jargon, so jumping to conclusions saying "IT SAYS THEY CAN GET 80% OF HIS INCOME" doesnt mean they do, however their monthly "fee" or paycheck if you will, of 2000 a month is laughable, especially when you look at the overall amount that other professional players of any other sport make.

                                                      • Nathaniel Tipton
                                                        Nathaniel Tipton  4 weeks back

                                                        TFue: Yoo I won The world Cup
                                                        Faze: No You just won me the world cup...Thanks for the free 50,000 dollars and u can have your 10,000 dollars

                                                      • ToastyMans
                                                        ToastyMans  4 weeks back

                                                        But the contract doesnt say they have to take his earnings its saying they can take it if they wanted to

                                                        • ToastyMans
                                                          ToastyMans  4 weeks back

                                                          They said they never took any of it... and if they did I'm sure tfue would say that they did.. which he didnt.. all the money they took was 60k out of the millions he makes

                                                      • Will Chaisson
                                                        Will Chaisson  4 weeks back

                                                        He signed the contract regardless of anyone's opinion by the way yet hes still crying like a baby

                                                        • Will Chaisson
                                                          Will Chaisson  4 weeks back

                                                          This contract is completely fair you're dumb they gave him a career and hes acting like a cry baby bitch

                                                          • Luke F
                                                            Luke F  4 weeks back

                                                            fakest fucking money Hungery piece of shit

                                                            • Toastero
                                                              Toastero  4 weeks back

                                                              You're unbelievably biased and you've heard all this from the scammer Tfue. FaZe took nothing from his and he was only waiting to make a certain amount of money before he fucked FaZe over. You're "news" is pure shite.

                                                              • Mr. Phantom
                                                                Mr. Phantom  4 weeks back

                                                                Faze clan haven't done anything they never took money apart from the 60k tfue is an entitled prick fuck tfue

                                                                • Akym
                                                                  Akym  4 weeks back

                                                                  It came from Cloakzy lol a none faze

                                                                  • MatthewMysandra
                                                                    MatthewMysandra  4 weeks back

                                                                    My opinion... he still signed the contract 🤨🤷🏽‍♂️

                                                                    • OH YEAH YEAH
                                                                      OH YEAH YEAH  4 weeks back

                                                                      MatthewMysandra he said he was dumb an idiot and he did for the fame

                                                                  • Night Killer
                                                                    Night Killer  4 weeks back

                                                                    If this is true FaZe is robbing a 13yr old h1ghsky

                                                                    • Most Violent Of Geckos
                                                                      Most Violent Of Geckos  4 weeks back

                                                                      i mean tfue still making more money than everyone watching the video

                                                                      • Kevin Kelly
                                                                        Kevin Kelly  4 weeks back

                                                                        FAZE FOR LIFE

                                                                      • Mnk0 ii
                                                                        Mnk0 ii  4 weeks back

                                                                        cloak should join tfues new org.

                                                                        • Lstwrld
                                                                          Lstwrld  4 weeks back

                                                                          He protec
                                                                          He attac
                                                                          But most sadly

                                                                          He hates his contracc