Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED 🌍

  • Published: 18 May 2019
  • ALRIGHT. I wasn't going to do this, but thousands of you requested it so I'm re-running the Battle Royale Simulation with Legendary (and Mythical) Pokemon!

    Make sure you also check out the explanation at Lockstin's Channel here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlPXypsss60

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    Music used:
    Pokemon Black/2/White/2 - Legendary Pokemon (SNES) by ParabeetleX

    Pokemon USUM: Ultra Necrozma Battle Remix by GlitchxCity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW6eX4YwdR8

    Pokemon R/B/Y : Professor Oak's Lab Acoustic cover by Steven Morris

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    Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello https://youtu.be/WSDSCWLkaXE?t=2679

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    Hyperspace .gif by ORBO
    Galaxy Footage by Aminoplex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NyEX8DjOTw

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  • Tam Anon
    Tam Anon  4 months back

    You've become one of my favourite animators so fast. I can't believe I wasn't already subbed.
    But real talk, how do you pump out animations so fast? It's kind of ridiculous how fast you make stuff. Very impressive.

    • Blueis Cool
      Blueis Cool  20 hours back

      TerminalMontage It really shows the value of hard work. That animation looks amazing andit’s funny because of it.

    • Ken cHunGGus
      Ken cHunGGus  1 days back

      She better not say that now because he rarely makes vids now

    • Cheese Sandwich
      Cheese Sandwich  4 days back

      TerminalMontage Ooh, same here. Dark and ghost types are so unique, and most of them are _pretty fricken good_ But most of all, when ghost and dark types where made, it was around when my dad came home from the military. So I really do find host and dark types fascinating, and also your animations. They are so different from other animations, and that’s a good thing. When I try to find animators like you, I can never. Because your art style and sense of humor is so different and unique, and that’s why I love it. If you had merch, (which I already think you do) I would buy it instantly, and wear it almost everyday. So I just wanna say, I love your animations, and I also hope you will hit 10 million subscribers one day.

    • Purple Profile
      Purple Profile  6 days back

      @TerminalMontage wow ur amazing

    • Pen Guinn
      Pen Guinn  2 weeks back

      Tam Anon same!

  • ttv wickedwarrior
    ttv wickedwarrior  2 hours back

    Mewtwo win

    • Dillon Brownell
      Dillon Brownell  2 hours back

      HK 47 was a perfect choice for Registeel.

      • gabe hardy
        gabe hardy  3 hours back

        If your ok with me asking/making requests can you make a animation of all 48 megas battling?

        • UlithiumDragon
          UlithiumDragon  5 hours back

          Mewtwo shouldn't have survived that long. I get that he's a fan favorite, but next to all these pokemon that have the power to singularly destroy the world, he's just a thorn in the foot.

          • Charles Cardona
            Charles Cardona  6 hours back

            Why does Shaymin get the Master Ball...lol

            • ezekiel Nava
              ezekiel Nava  6 hours back

              its wednesday my dudes

              • thanossnap fist
                thanossnap fist  6 hours back

                RIP jirachi

                • MonsterPro Gaming
                  MonsterPro Gaming  7 hours back

                  No complaints...

                  • Jenny Iverson
                    Jenny Iverson  7 hours back

                    Groudon is godzilla

                    • Isaac Mitchell
                      Isaac Mitchell  7 hours back

                      Jeremy shows that just cause your style isn’t as complicated or detailed as others, doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome. This style is very simplified, but the WOL and Ultimate PokeRoyal videos are still some of the coolest animations I’ve ever seen. I mean Necrozceus and the dark world are really well sequenced and probably took ages to make, and I seriously can’t tell if a more detailed style would help or hinder it.

                      • dracox
                        dracox  8 hours back

                        Shamen comes out of the master ball

                        • Alexander Pacheco
                          Alexander Pacheco  8 hours back

                          4:22 when you have the most unstable gun and it took years.

                          4:23 the error that rages you because you have to start over from the casual noob item that you can build a stick out of it

                          • TheGodlySnek
                            TheGodlySnek  8 hours back

                            Did mew ever die?

                            • Joel Ayers
                              Joel Ayers  8 hours back

                              I want to see a clip where Entei talks to Groudon and everything is super chill between them but every volcano is going off as they talk and the lava just slowly starts flooding the world and they just keep chatting as the lava rises above even them

                              • Yulian Osorio
                                Yulian Osorio  8 hours back

                                Necrozma wins

                                • Yulian Osorio
                                  Yulian Osorio  8 hours back

                                  Arceus wins

                                  • JT D
                                    JT D  9 hours back

                                    Who else wants to see a version of this with Smash Bros Ultimate fighters?

                                    • Thiago Lopez
                                      Thiago Lopez  9 hours back

                                      5:15 chaos control and za wuardo combined

                                      • smile smile
                                        smile smile  9 hours back

                                        When the teacher says ok you explain to the whole class how the first man landed on the moon

                                        *my mind*

                                        • Adrian Corpus-Torres
                                          Adrian Corpus-Torres  9 hours back

                                          1:47 kirb

                                          • Adrian Corpus-Torres
                                            Adrian Corpus-Torres  9 hours back

                                            bah hab bah bah hab bah bah dah gah bah

                                            • LargeMacTV - Max Chenis Swanson Koob

                                              may i comment that the music you chose is a fucking banger?

                                              other that, good shit

                                              • Jenny Concha
                                                Jenny Concha  11 hours back

                                                WHO WON

                                                • Martin
                                                  Martin  11 hours back

                                                  Improved Animations ....nice!!!!!

                                                  • João Vitor Mattioli
                                                    João Vitor Mattioli  12 hours back

                                                    Chaos control🤲💎

                                                    • roblox Arky
                                                      roblox Arky  12 hours back

                                                      Rigisteel my favorite he just funny

                                                      • Jeff Clarke
                                                        Jeff Clarke  13 hours back

                                                        Depression: exists
                                                        Barking entei: I'm boutta end this man's whole career

                                                        • Dylangaming12346
                                                          Dylangaming12346  13 hours back

                                                          1:46 I saw a Gacha life background :0

                                                          • Susan He
                                                            Susan He  13 hours back

                                                            Regular pokemon battle royal: We destroyed the earth
                                                            Legendary and Mythical pokemon battle royal: We destroyed the earth ten times over, manipulated space fabric, and distorted space and time

                                                            • Foxzinha
                                                              Foxzinha  14 hours back

                                                              Ok after watching this video a couple of times i just realized that when necrozma looks up to arceus at 4:49 It really looks like shadow dio, wich would make sense cause Dio is god in italy and arceus is god, dunno just a maybe tho

                                                              • Girafael
                                                                Girafael  15 hours back

                                                                But mewtwo is not dead at the end

                                                                • HENDERMAN 999
                                                                  HENDERMAN 999  15 hours back

                                                                  ESTO ES ARTE ;)

                                                                  • Марта Хей
                                                                    Марта Хей  15 hours back

                                                                    It's just my class:)

                                                                    • LeCaribouSauvage
                                                                      LeCaribouSauvage  15 hours back

                                                                      what is the song at 4:50 plz ? this video is legendary btw ^^

                                                                      • Azure Archangel
                                                                        Azure Archangel  17 hours back

                                                                        the music, the power, oh god!

                                                                        You're amazing <3~

                                                                        • Alex Jimenez Geanana
                                                                          Alex Jimenez Geanana  18 hours back

                                                                          Registeel is still alive

                                                                          • Anime Weeb
                                                                            Anime Weeb  19 hours back

                                                                            I'm soo glad this came out on my birthday! I can't stop watching.

                                                                            • Yuri Park
                                                                              Yuri Park  20 hours back

                                                                              Who else watches this every day?

                                                                              • Zyhaire Elder
                                                                                Zyhaire Elder  20 hours back

                                                                                Pokemon who was eliminated
                                                                                Zapdos moltres tapu lele landrous articuno zekrom reshiram heatran zygarde groudon lugia tornados victini yveltal lunala jirachi solgaleo dialga palkia genesent celibe

                                                                                • 기원이
                                                                                  기원이  21 hours back

                                                                                  그림이 ㅈ같은데 다알거같다

                                                                                  • cika bos1
                                                                                    cika bos1  21 hours back

                                                                                    Are you lazy to draw?

                                                                                    • cika bos1
                                                                                      cika bos1  21 hours back

                                                                                      Are you lazy draw

                                                                                      • 目しょぼしょぼしいたけ

                                                                                        0:52 のエンテイすこ

                                                                                        • Shenje Shimozuru
                                                                                          Shenje Shimozuru  22 hours back

                                                                                          New meme

                                                                                          • Kean Nino
                                                                                            Kean Nino  23 hours back

                                                                                            5.58 Necrozma+Sungaleo+arcues+Lunala=Necrgaleoarnala

                                                                                            [All]Who's that pokemon?
                                                                                            [all]its Necrgaleoarnala

                                                                                            • Kean Nino
                                                                                              Kean Nino  23 hours back

                                                                                              5:57 hooray both of them survived

                                                                                              • Kean Nino
                                                                                                Kean Nino  23 hours back

                                                                                                Sungaleo and lunala:._.